Research & Development

R & D

The most important factors which are responsible for continuous improvement of seed quality and productivity are Research & Development (R&D).

The special focus given to these factors in last few decades is responsible for significant performance of our varieties/hybrids in farmers’ fields. The qualified and experienced scientists are working hard to evaluate new varieties/hybrids suitable for changing climate and environment, resistance/tolerance to biotic/abiotic stresses with good yield potential and extensive adaptability. For this, the company established Research and Development farm near Bengaluru with modern infrastructure facilities like Poly houses & Net houses. The main activities includes

  • Performance and Evaluation trials
  • Breeder Seed Production.
  • Conducting grow out tests, etc.

Field Trials

Solar seeds will give utmost importance for checking the performance and potential of pre-released varieties/hybrids.

For this multi locational trials are conducted for evaluation of different traits of varieties/hybrids throughout the country in farmer’s fields apart from regular trials conducted at company owned Research and Development farm near Bengaluru. The qualified staff of the company will conduct the trials scientifically in different seasons and critically evaluate the varieties/hybrids for their performance in different agro climatic zones before release and supply of seeds to farmers.

The new variety/hybrid evaluation trials are conducted continuously, to select the most suitable product for every agro-climatic zone in the country. The seeds are produced by highly qualified and experienced Production team to maintain good genetic purity and good seed attributes like physical purity, germination and vigour. Solar Seeds gives utmost importance in introducing new hybrids/Varieties in vegetable with higher productivity and superior quality attributes.

Quality Assurance

In order to supply quality seeds to farmers to reap bountiful harvests, solar seeds adopted good quality assurance system to check the seed quality at all stages. The main quality attributes are tested lot wise regularly for supplying superior quality seeds to farmers. The qualified and professional staff is employed to monitor the quality of seeds. The main Seed quality attributes tested in the quality control laboratory are

  • Germination Test
  • Moisture Test
  • Physical Purity
  • Test for Seed born pest/diseases
  • Genetic Purity
  • Seed Viability
  • Seed Vigour

Moisture Meter

Seed Germinator

Germination Test